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Get a Head Start on the Busy Christmas Period

As we get into the latter months of the year, one of the busiest holidays of the year begins to approach us… the Christmas season. Christmas is by far the most anticipated and busy holiday of the entire year – not only have you got to organize everything that comes with Christmas Day (presents, meals etc), but it’s likely you’ll either visit family or have family visit you.¬†With family visiting, this opens up a whole new can of worms, as many things will have to be organized around the household to accommodate for them.

To ensure that you are more than prepared for Christmas Day, it’s a smart idea to start preparing, planning and organizing well in advance. By getting ready early, you’ll avoid much unnecessary stress, as well as the big Christmas rush that comes with the month of December.

The more time you give yourself to prepare, the easier it is to get a helping hand too. With plenty of time in advance to get things ready for the big day, you’ll be able to organize helping hands too – whether it’s from your partner, your kids or your parents. Take a look below the image to see how you can get a head start on planning for Christmas!

Planning for Christmas

Budgeting for Christmas Day

Just like when you’re planning a wedding or organizing a work do, budgeting is a crucial part of the process. Without a proper and accurate budget plan, you may end up becoming stressed and worried about the monetary situation. By knowing exactly how much you can spend on each part of the Christmas plan, you can ensure that money issues don’t arise.

First, determine your overall budget for the Christmas season – this should include all of the essentials, including:

  • Presents
  • Meals (Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Decorations (Christmas tree, stockings, mistletoe etc)

There is likely to be other things that will need paying for on your Christmas Day/leading up to it, but this will be determined on a case by case basis, and will depend on how many people you will have in your household on the day.

Once you’ve set your budget, allocate a set amount to each part of the process (i.e. $500 for presents, $250 for food etc). You can then start looking around for prices and ideas of companies that you can use.

Accommodating for guests

If you are one of the many families in Australia who are welcoming friends and family into your home for Christmas Day, you will definitely want to get a head start on getting your place ready!

How much time and effort required to make your home Christmas ready for guests will depend on how many guests you are having over for the holidays. It will also depend on what your house is like – if you’re expecting a cold holiday season, you may want to invest in a decent wood heater, not only to keep guests warm, but to provide a relaxing, warm environment for everyone in the house.

For more information about accommodating for guests, take a look at the Accommodation page.